DJ Mick Flame's Playlist:
Wxb 102 experience vol.5

Little paradise- the dawn
Running away – colourfields
Everywhere I go – the call
boys don’t cry- reel big fish
two tribes –frankie goes to Hollywood
when alls well- EBTG
new years day- u2
two rivers(ext.ver.)- the adventures
living in oblivion-living in a box
it must be love-madness
a punkrock Christmas-the ramones
under the miklyway – the church
panic – the smiths

Wxb 102 experience vol.6

Everything counts(live ver.)- depeche mode
1963- new order
Unguarded moments – the church
Incubus succubus – x mal Deutschland
Love plus one – haircut 100
Special brew (live) – bad manners
I send a message (ext.ver.)- inxs
Lovesong (ext.ver.) – the cure
Waiting in vain –bob Marley
Whispering castles – the identity crisis
Absolute reality – the alarm
Thinking of you – the colourfields

Wxb 102 experience vol.7

Envelope ideas – the dawn
Thieves like us – new order
Maybe maybe – aha
Femme petale – velvet underground
Private Idaho – b52’s
Idiot box- aquabats
Abandon ship – april showers
Enola gay – omd
Desire (ext.ver.) – gene loves jezebel
Blisters in the sand – gang of four
Irish drinking song – less than jake
A girl in trouble – romeo void
The borber – modern English
Shouldn’t have to be like that- fra lippo lippi
Jamaican ska – desmond diek

Wxb 102 experience vol.8

Russian radio – red flag
Somewhere in my heart – Aztec camera
Animal song – the Europeans
Fire in cairo-  the cure
Words  -  missing person
In a big country- big country
True faith – new order
Best kept secret – china crisis
Head over heels -  tears for fears
--------------------- reel big fish

Wxb 102 experience vol.9

New years day – u2
Heaven – eurogliders
Heartache – gene loves jezebel
nobody but me -  save ferries
Ceremony – new order
Total recall – the sound
Cities in dust (ext ver.)- siouxsie and the banshees
Don’t you forget about me- simple minds
Lean period  - orange juice
Inside out – mighty lemon drops
Boyfriend is a communist – miss kemberly
Fly from heaven -  Toad the wet sprocket
Spiderman – the ramones
Patience – loydd cole and the commotions
A forest – the cure
Synthecide –
Tears of a clown – the beat

Wxb 102experience vol. 10

Ask me jon – ocean blue
Anyone for tennis – men at work
Louie louie – the clash
Turning japanesse – the vapors
Love moves in strange ways – blue zoo
Flaming sword – the care
Buffalo soldier – bob Marley
King in a catholic style (ext. ver. ) – china crisis
People who grinned themselves to death – housemartins
Appetite – prefab sprout
Wild flower – the cult
How soon is now ( mickflame mix ) – smiths
No one is to blame (live ) – howard jones
The one I love  - REM
Third uncle – Bauhaus
Legal tender – b52’s
Come with me – translators
Three little birds – bob Marley
Sweetest thing – gene loves jezebel
Just can’t get enough – depeche mode

Wxb 102 experience vol. 11

Blinded me with science (ext. ver. ) – Thomas dolby
Since yesterday – strawberry switchblade
More than this – 10.000 maniacs
Why can’t I be you – the cure
- Reel big fish
This corrossion – sisters of mercy
Lips like sugar ( ext. ver. ) – echo and the bunnymen
Happy birthday – altered images
Do you really want to hurt me ( live )
– boy george and the culture club
Black man ray  -china crisis
-The church
Slide – ocean blue
China  - red rockers
Sunday morning – bolshoi
New moon on Monday – duarn duran
Great commandment – camouflage

Wxb 102 experience vol. 12

This is the day  - the the
People are strange  - R E M
Baggy trousers – madness
Feel like heaven – fiction factory
No explaination  - the church
Message to you rudy – specials
Cars ( ext. ver.) – gary numan
In the summertime – the Sundays
Smiles and jokes – white china
What in the name of love  - naked eyes
Mint car – the cure
Distance between us ( dance mix) – fra lippo lippi
Toad the wet sprocket
99 luft balloons – nena
Pride in the name of love – u2
Were not deep – housemartins
More to loose ( ext. ver.) – sheona dancing
Rock lobster – b52’s
The kkk took my baby away – the ramones

wxb102 experience vol. 13

talking loud ans clear - omd
raw  (live) - spandau ballet
untill december – Untill decmber
i shot the sherrif (live) - bob marley
pretty vegas -  inxs
who's that girl -  flock of seagulls
severina - mission uk
just like heaven (beatmix ver.) - cure
i met her in paris - jimmy jimmy
the border - modern english
space girls -  pin up girls
isolation - joy division
girl i'm not a Kennedy - shiona lang
rattle snake - Lloyd cole and the commotion
40 (live) -  u2

wxb102 experience vol. 14

cinammon eyes - riverside
we close our eyes - oingo boingo
on paper - 3 o clock
shout to the top - style council
manila girl ( mickflame mix) - put3ska
60 miles an hour - new order
cascade (live)  - siouxsie and the banshees
distance between us - fra lippo lippi
people are people  (nike mix)- depeche mode
i melt with you ( 12nch mix) - modern english
blue blue ocean - echo and the bunnymen
situation - ceta javu
rock a bye - orange and lemon
coldness - kriedler
letter to a friend- I start counting
nerd alert – aquabats

wxb102 experience vol. 15
(quite storm edition)

whistle down the wind – nick heyward
message in a bottle ( live) - sting
ever changing mood (piano version) - style council
everybody wants to rule the world(acoustic ver.) - tears for fears
upside down - two minds crack
love moves in strange ways - blue zoo
lady  - jimmy jimmy
waiting in vain - bob marley
slide  - ocean blue
one (live) - u2  
build- housemartins
castles in the air - coluorfields
save a prayer - duran duran
fly from heaven- toad the wet sprocket
femme fetale - velvet underground
love songs(different version) - cure
sunshine reggea - laid back           
time  - boy george and the culture club

wxb102 experience vol 16

walk away - sisters of mercy
i've been waiting for tomorrow(all my life) - the the
come back and stay - paul young
hands across the sea - modern english
boyfriend is a communist - miss kimebrly
blue monday - new order
head over heels ( msf live ver.) - tears for fears
the pain that iam used to - depeche mode
wasteland -  mission uk
jammin ( live) bob marley
nobody but me- save ferries

Wxb 102 EXPERIENCE    VOL. 17

Still on fire -Aztec camera
Politics of dancing - re flex
Work is a four letter word - smiths
Right here-go betweens
Jamming  (live ver.)-bob marley
Feels like heaven (extended version) - fiction factory
Garden of delight – mission UK
African in white – china crisis
Boyish days – the care
Crash of light-fra lippo lippi
Soft as your face-soup dragon
Pin up girls - love x ten
Touch by the hand of God - new order
Seven seas-echo and the bunnymen
Wolly bully-bad manners
Wxb  102 EXPERIENCE   VOL. 18

Tomorrow I set sail-the weddings
Eyes without a face
Compulsion-martin gore
Smiles and jokes-white ghina
Geno - dexy midnight runners
Pan within – the waterboys
Damage goods – gang of four
In between days (extended) – the cure
Maybe maybe - Aha
Sing our own song – ub40
Sumigaw, umawit ka – identity crisis
Ill always be grateful - A house
Gravity - translators
Sweetest thing – gene loves jezebel
Is this love (live ver.) – bob Marley
The way you are -tear for fears


Human - human league
Tears (acoustic) – the chameleons
You’re the best thing – style council
Circle - Eddie brickle and the new bohemians
Desert rose - Sting with Indian singer
Under the milkyway – church
Beauty and madness – fra lippo lippi
With or without you it – u2
It hurts – lotus eaters
Question of lust – depeche mode
Mistake no.3 – boy George and the culture club
Broken land - the adventures
Forever young – alpha Ville
I believe (mickflame version) – tears fro fears
I don’t like Mondays – bob geildoff and the boom town rats
Through the barricades (live ver.) – spandau ballet
No woman no cry – bob Marley

Wxb 102 EXPERIENCE   VOL. 20

Brighter – railway children
Poison arrow - abc
What -softcell
More to loose – seona dancing
Baby elephant walk - bad manners
Jump - Aztec camera
My sanctuary - identity crisis
Love cats (live ver.) - cure
Chamber of hellos (extended ver.) - wire train
Shout – woodentops
Maling akala - brown man revival
But not tonight (extended ver.) – depeche mode
Let her go (extended ver.) – strawberry switchblade
Major tom- peter shcilling
Always- real life

Wxb 102 experience vol. 21

All the things she said -simple minds
Blue diamonds-h2o
Sowing the seeds of love-tears for fears
I say nothing-voices of the beehive
Drifting falling-ocean blue
World-new order
Requiem-identity crisis
Uncertain smile-the the
Bottom line (ext)-big audio dynamite
German girls (msf mix)-lotus eaters
Paint it black-echo and the bunny men live
No future sa pader-urban bandits
Candy-iggy pop
Call me names- The specials
Sesame Street - Tokyo ska parade

Wxb 102 experience vol. 22

Pop goes the world-men without hats
The worst year of my life-wild swans
What for -James
Sound of the crowd-human league
Crash-the primitives
Modern love-David Bowie
My boyish days-the care
Stitches and burns-fra lippo lippi (requested)
The impression that I get- mighty mighty boss tones
Don’t try to stop it-roman holiday
Jackson Pollock 9- pin up girls (requested)
Our lips are sealed-fun boy tree
She’s in parties-Bauhaus
Every beat of my heart-railway children
Burning flame
Tomorrow-info society
Is Vic there-dept’s?
Sesame street-tokyo ska parade

Wxb 102 experience vol. 23  

You did cut me-china crisis
How men are
Windmills -toad the wet
Perfect-true faith
No more i love you-lovers speak
Stir it up (live)-bob marley
Something got a hold of my heart
I’ve been in love before-cutting crew
Sad September- the lucky show
Windmill of your mind-colourfields
I like chopin-gazebo
He ain’t heavy he's my brother-house martins
Walk forever by my side – the alarm
Woman in chains-tear for fears
It must be love-madness
Time –boy George and the culture club

Wxb 102 experience vol. 24

Calling out – curt smith
Two divided by zero-pet shop boys
State of the nation msf mix - industry
Love my way-psychedelic furs
Only snows in America not in manila-deans December
Postcard from paradise – flesh for lulu (ext.ver.)
Kiss me –tintin duffy
Manila girl-urban bandits
Johnny and Mary -Robert palmer
John I’m only dancing-the chameleons
Dance with me (ext.) - lords of the new church
Stay –Blue Nile
Nothing but flowers-talking heads
Ska killers- The toasters
Down in the tube station at midnight-the jam
Sesame Street – Tokyo ska parade
Wxb 102 experience vol.25 (countdown begins)

F1-11 love missile-sigue sigue sputnik
LEAN PERIOD - Orange Juice [TIE]
LADY - Jimmy Jimmy
EVERY BEAT OF THE HEART - the Railway Children
(Breaker/requested be the one-pin up girls)
PANIC - the Smiths [TIE]
TENDERNESS - General Public
I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS - the Boomtown Rats
THE BRIDGE - Cactus World News
RED SKIES - the Fixx
Sesame street – Tokyo ska paradise orchestra

Wxb 102 experience vol.26

Crystal Ocean (ext.) – the mission
Whenever you’re on my mind-  
Telephone call – kraftwerk
House of fun- madness
Eyeless in Gaza-new love here
My way-Nina Hagen
Tired of being happy- candy skins (fun album)
Halo-depeche mode
Love vigilantes (ext.)-new order
Aikea guinea – Cocteau twins
Hazy shade of winter-bangles
Battle for beauty – Sir Luxemburg
Rich- Lloyd Cole and the commotion
Army of zombies- Lars Frederickson and the bastards
Sesame Street – Tokyo ska paradise orchestra

Wxb 102expereince vol27
Quiet storm

Yours sincerely-colourfields
Great god’s gift-weather theater
Bigger the punch iam feeling
You’re the best thing (paul weller live version)
Femme petale – propaganda
Advice for the young at heart-tears for fears
Himala –rivermaya
Waiting in vain (mickflame mix)-bob Marley
Never rusting down (like gold you are)-pin up girls
Every little thing she does is magic (acoustic ver.)- Sting
Hands to heaven – breathe
All I want is you – u2
Women come, women go –gazebo
Lying in bed-Vegas
Time-boy George and the culture club

Wxb 102 experience vol28

Show me –ABC  
Burning down the house-talking heads
I eat cannibals - Toto coelo
c’est comme ca – les Rita mitsouko
On   my radio (radio edit ver.)-the selecters
Stand- rapid eye movement
Give – mission person
Christine (live)-siouxsie and the banshees
Like a hurricane (ext.) – the mission
Pan within-waterboys
The cutter – echo and the bunny men
The colourfields (acapella intro version)-colourfields
Any color- cutting crew
Russians – sting
Sesame Street – Tokyo ska paradise orchestra

The 102experience volume 29

ballam and the angels-never end
pail fountain -crazier
morrissey-irish blood,english heart
killing joke -labyrinth
you dont know- scarlet and black
freeze frame-j geil's band
the expression-tatol eclipse
story of nothing-aquabats
marc almond-bittersweet ext.
the cure- bird mad girl
chinesse rock-the ramones
roxy music-love is the drug
hi hi firend-vitamin z
the dawn - bawat bata
haircut 100-fantastic day
the  clash-what i like about you
mistaken-save ferries
sesame street-tokyo ska paradise ochestra

The 102experience  vol. 30
(The quiet storm 1)

round and round- spandau ballet
this love -cocteau twin(soundtrack cruel intentions)
talaga naman -the dawn
fragile -sting
one (live version)-cranberries+REM+U2
bizzare love triangle-devine and statton
different seasons-johnny hates jazz
harana-parokya ni edgar
only you-flying pickets
the light is always green-house martins
this is not america-david bowie
asleep-the smiths
1959-sisters of mercy
turn the lights on-bob marley
waiting in vain-bamboo
time-boy george and the culture club

The 102experience  vol.31
(reggae/skapunk festival)

Boss dj-mighty mighty bosstone
Dirt up- big d and the kid's table
Faith- melody punk tune
Take on me - reel big fish
sirang romantiko-put3ska
Roots rock reggea-bob marley
Do you really want to hurt me-boy george (live)
She devil-anchondo
lintik- brownman revival
love is the seventh wave-sting
voiceks to never darit seit-voiceks
jamaican ska-desmond decker
what you see is what you get-save ferries
two tone army-the toasters
concrete jungle-third eye reggea band
irish drinking song-less than jake
nothing compares to you-me first and the gimme gimme

The 102experience  vol. 32
(The quiet storm 2)

moon light over paris-pm
its not funny anymore -babybird
dont dream its over -paul young
englishman in new york-sting
i wanna wake up with you-boris gardner
sone for whoever-the beautiful south
breaking us in two-joe jackson
drive-the cars
with  the pride- spandau ballet
folk song-sundays
ordinary world-duran duran
castles in the air(ext)-soft cell
out on my own (live)-lotus eaters
poison arrow (jazz remix)-abc
lips like sugar-seal

The 102experience  vol.33

pan within (live)-waterboys
how green is your valley-16 tamburines
love explosion-3oclock
what a beautiful day - the levellers
the shyest time -the apartments
bitter heart-seona dancing
soul in isolation-chameleons
you are the one(remix)-aha
brand new friend(live)-lloyd cole and the commotion
wholl stop the rain-h2o
like the dust -passion puppets
interview with straycats/straycat strut
the man who paints the rainbow-television personalities
number five-bill Pritchard

The 102experience (for December)
(The big bytes)

but not tonight(us ext.version)depeche mode
spin me round round(extended 2002 mix)-dead or alive
nowhere girl-b movie extended version
send me an angel(the angelic extended mix)-real life
what's on your mind (junior vasques mix)-informaiton society
dont go (todd terry freeze mix)-yazoo
tainted love (club 69 remix)-softcell
here comes the rain again (brothers in rhythm)-annie lennox
the promise (full force mix)-when in rome
cars- (ultimix)-gary numan
mickey (ultimix) -toni basil