A Tribute Website
The resurrection of XB 102, back from the
                                      ashes after 18 years...
With shows from:

George Frederick
Naughty Natty
Cool Carla,
Mick Flame,
The Morning Man,
The Sandman,
DJ Klyde,
DJ Hilary,
and DJ Blare.

Sep 2005-Mar 2010 (Live 365)
"I'm so happy that everyone is enjoying the new broadcasts of XB. I'm looking
forward to new and greater things for the XB Internet Station. Congratulations to
- Cool Carla
  Classic XB 102 Trivia:

- WXB 102 started broadcasting with the  
frequency of 102.5 instead of the 102.7
most    of us got used to. But it is actually    

- Julius Caesar used to say the afternoon news
when he was just      starting out.

- 102 was the first FM station simulcast in AM.

- the first 102 party was called "SHADOW
CABINET of WXB 102."

- singer Villas Valdes used to be a 102 DJ.

- Allan Kaye usually had a hard time  
pronouncing the word "area."

- This beloved station was shut down on June,
XB Internet Radio Station: Sep 2005-Mar 2010 (Live 365)

George Frederick
Naughty Natty
The Cool Show - Cool Carla
The 102 Experience - Mick Flame
Request Round Up - Morning Man
The Sandman Show - The Sandman
XB Jukebox - DJ Klyde
Happy House - DJ Hilary
  Whose On Board ?

Match the radio shows with their DJs:

Classic XB 102:

 Program Director/ Sound Engineer:
       George Frederick

CAPITOL RADIO                        A) Cool Carla
HIGH TIMES                               B) Fat Albert
MUSIC FIRST                             D) Jim
MUSIC SPIN BOX                       E) Joe Care
RADIO MANILA                          F) Julius Caesar
REQUEST ROUND UP                 G) MorningMan
ROCK WAVE                                     (Inggo)
SUNDAY ROCK PROFILE            H) The Boz
SYNCHRONICITY                       I) The Ghost
                                          J) Daniel Ash
                                          K) Mick Flame
Internet Radio Station
XB 102
The Station that Dares to be Different
A reunion by some of the original XB Jocks  (July 2006)